navigatING THE return to the workplace and beyond

As businesses start to return to offices and workplaces, there is a complex range of considerations to be managed. Many of our clients have approached us for a flexible solution. BGIS has re-imagined the Workplace Ambassador role, to implement a personal safety approach, ensuring that through periods of change and transition the integrity of the workplace and the experience overall is preserved and enhanced. The role of the Workplace Ambassador has emerged, as a beacon to help navigate the return to the workplace and beyond. The responsibilities of this integrated services role cover facilities management and workplace experience services.

The Client Experience

We see our Workplace Ambassadors as the connectors between your workplace experience and the perception of your brand.

We recognise that every touch point that your clients and guest share with your company is a potential opportunity to enhance the brand and image and attract new talent.
Our team are trained by service experts to ensure that the experience is warm and friendly as well as professional, with a focus on safety and understanding your organisation’s COVID-19 Return to Work protocols. The team will create a workplace where staff and guests feel confident your organisation has done everything possible to create a safe environment to work and visit.

We work with you to co-create and curate a service offering that is tailored to meet your needs, business requirements and budget.
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Client Experience

Welcome to the Space

All guests are warmly welcomed and registered for safety tracing with our technology platform. hand sanitiser, traffic flow and social distancing are all top of mind for the Ambassador, to ensure a safe guest experience.

Using visitor registration technology, an email or SMS is automatically generated to notify hosts of the guest’s arrival.

The system generates data to allow the Concierge to understand peak arrival and departure times, as well as traffic flow to support effective rostering and appropriate social distancing guidelines, this will ensure a consistent presence and guest experience.
Everything from the recruitment and selection of our Ambassadors to the design and layout of the space, is focused on creating a seamless and well managed workplace that supports the organisation to focus on its core business.

With COVID-19 infection control as a key priority, the team will focus on promoting an environment that is safe to visit and work for all guests and staff.
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Client Meeting Space

Meeting rooms are booked by the meeting host or team assistant based on the desired size and type of meeting.

Depending on your business needs, you may choose to self-manage some of the rooms and have the Ambassador manage select rooms – i.e. rooms that are larger or multi-functional where there is limited availability.
The Concierge supports the overall workplace experience by overseeing the communication and execution of community activities and events. These may range from educational lunch and learn sessions, CSR activities or health and wellbeing classes.
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Meeting Space

Your workspace

The workspace is designed to demonstrate our commitment to creating a flexible and supportive environment where colleagues can connect, share and co-create and feel engaged in the community.

The implementation of an effective space management system will produce data that will enable the Concierge to manage workstation bookings, identify utilisation and peak periods as well as have daily attendance data to support tracing and adherence to any government and organisational workplace COVID-19 guidelines.
Providing appropriate technology tools will enable the Concierge to build relationships, offer support and provide a more personalised and consistent service to colleagues and ensure that workplace behaviours and protocols are strictly maintained.

The Concierge provides oversight of the environment, ensuring that COVID-19 protocols pertaining to the occupancy of workstations and social distancing are in line with government and organisational guidelines and strictly managed. They will ensure spaces remain clean, safe, clutter-free and ready for new occupants.
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Your Workspace

Shared Spaces

The meeting rooms and communal spaces are designed to demonstrate our commitment to living sustainably and creating an environment where visitors, clients and colleagues can connect, share and collaborate.

Accessible and highly flexible rooms and spaces are designed to support a variety of meeting types and experiences with AV and VC conferencing capabilities to support flexible working and global connection.

An effective meeting room management system will produce a myriad of data to allow the Concierge to manage booking statistics, identify utilisation and peak periods as well as use this information for internal charging purposes.

We use data and analytics to support intelligent decision making and monitoring of room occupancy, which in turn will assist in the adherence to government guidelines and appropriate social distancing.
Shared spaces will be kitted out with ‘sanitisation stations’ and appropriate signage to encourage guests and staff with maintaining hygiene and social distancing protocols.

The Ambassador provides oversight of the environment ensuring that the COVID-19 protocols pertaining to meeting room and communal space occupancy are adhered to, and that these spaces remain clean, clutter-free and ready for the day’s activities.

Between meetings, the rooms are cleaned with particular attention to high-touch surfaces, reset and refreshed ready for the next guests.
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Shared Spaces

Technology Platform

The Concierge supports and oversees the overall workplace experience. The implementation of a technology platform within the tenancy which supports and shares information regarding operational building services and notifications, as well as provides colleagues the ability to book and manage workstations, work spaces and meeting rooms, will enable the concierge to efficiently manage and support your workplace.
We recognise that as staff return to work every touch point and data source will provide the Ambassador with vital insights to assist in the management of your workplace and to mitigate against risk of infection.

Technology platforms will ensure that government guidelines are upheld and the insights will allow the concierge to proactively manage behaviours and predict workplace peak usage times, to allow the business to adapt easily to changing circumstances.
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Tech Platform

Catering & Consumables

Our alignment to living sustainably extends to kitchen consumables, the services we provide and the catering companies we recommend. We actively demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by recycling, reducing waste and limiting our use of non-environmentally responsible consumables.
Our Ambassador will source and recommend preferred catering suppliers to manage quality, consistency, pricing and adherence to hygiene and government workplace guidelines.

Suggested catering may include a range of options for breakfast, lunch, snacks and cocktail canapes, as well as morning and afternoon tea. You may wish to bring some functions and events in-house and create an opportunity to showcase your workspace. Our Ambassador can assist in managing the guest experience.
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