Entry and Reception

Our team ensures that all visitors are welcomed in a safe, friendly and professional manner. From sign in and induction to sign out, a consistent experience is delivered to uphold the brand and image of your organisation. Hand sanitiser, traffic flow and social distancing ensure a safe guest experience.

Meeting Rooms

We manage the meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technologies and tools. We use data and analytics to support intelligent decision making and monitoring of room occupancy, booking statistics and identification of peak periods.


We make sure that your workspace is centered around the users of the workplace for a seamless experience. This is enabled by space management technology that considers the client’s size, complexity, budget and workplace model.

Our expertise in workplace management includes locker management, headcount audits, neighbourhood management, occupancy and restacks, as well as workplace behaviour

Communal Employee Space

Our Workplace Ambassador oversees communal environments to ensure staff are informed on proper etiquette and that COVID-19 protocols are observed, as well as making sure the spaces remain clean and clutter-free. The Concierge provides digital communications on community activities and events.

Wellness Area

Organisations need to accommodate for the wellbeing and interests of their employees with spaces such as mother’s rooms, gyms, prayer rooms, end of trip facilities and quiet spaces.

Our team maintains the smooth running of these spaces with hygiene as a priority.

Plant Room

An optimum working environment is maintained through our management of the temperature and uninterrupted power. Our technical experts maintain the building and facility’s assets achieving energy efficiency and sustainability outcomes.


Our responsive helpdesk ensures that any incident or requirement is delivered in a timely and safe manner.

Whether it be a security matter, cleaning accident or restock of consumables - we are there to support you 24/7.